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Jesse is open to perform, record and tour with musicians of jazz, neo-soul, reggae, blues, soul, R&B, classical and alternative genres. He is diligent and dedicated in studio and has a fresh and enthusiastic persona during performances.

He is a great addition to any band or orchestra and also performs in duo, trio, quartet and in the Big Island Groove Band (7-piece cover band). See OPTIONS section.


He resides on Hawaii island and is available to travel to Honolulu, mainland and international destinations.





     Multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and vocalist, Jesse Snyder plays tenor and baritone saxophones, clarinet, flute, drums/percussion and has a smooth baritone singing voice. He dwells in multi-genres: classic and  contemporary jazz, blues, Top 40/covers, neo-soul, reggae and rock in different configurations.


     Solo: Jesse with tenor sax, baritone sax, clarinet with backing tracks and sound system.


     Duo: Jesse-Saxophones, clarinet, drums with left-handed bass piano or with upright bass or with guitar.


     Trio: Jesse-Saxophones, clarinet, drums with piano or with guitar and acoustic bass.


     Quartet: Jesse-Saxophones and clarinet with piano, guitar, acoustic bass and drums.


     Vocal Force: Jesse Snyder-vocalist/saxophones, lead vocalist Amanda Avila, Josh Timmons-vocalist/trumpet and keyboardist or with tracks.


     Sax Max Hawaii: 3-4 saxophones, keyboard, bass, and drums. 6-piece performance band. Saxophone showcase show.


     Big Island Groove Band: Jesse Snyder-saxophones/clarinet/percussion, Amanda Avila-lead vocalist, Josh Timmons-vocalist/trumpet and band: keyboards, drums, bass and guitar. BIGB is a 7-piece cover band.

    House Concert/Party: Jesse in Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet and Vocal Force is available to perform at private homes in these configurations. Performance is sponsored by host or ticketed event. Host provides refreshments for guests, seating, parking, etc.


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