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Sax Monkey Hawaii

Jesse Snyder Hawaii
Big Island Groove Band
Kanaka Swing Band
Sax Max Hawaii


Andree Fallas - Promotions Publicist, Managing Partner

      Sax Monkey Hawaii was created by Jesse Snyder and Andree Fallas for the promotion and maintenance of Jesse Snyder's career and the bands and musicians he plays and collaborates with. Jesse is the talent and creative partner and Andree Fallas is the promotions publicist and managing partner. Andree coordinates, generates and organizes the publicity for positive exposure and advancement for Jesse Snyder, Jesse Snyder Hawaii and other professionals. For the past eight years,  she has organized and developed the musical career of Jesse Snyder and maintains the website.

Andree's Entertainment affliations:


- Jesse Snyder’s Promotions/Publicist, Business Manager and Album Producer. Sax Monkey Hawaii which includes: Kanaka Swing Band, Big Island Groove Band and occasionally Fuego Latin Orchestra Hawaii, Red Water Trio and Jesse Snyder Hawaii solo, duo and trio. Maintains Facebook-Jesse J Snyder Group Page, Big Island Groove Band, Kanaka Swing Band and Sax Max Hawaii; YouTube: Jesse Snyder Hawaii and the website. 

- apaulomusic productions: Smooth Jazz Concerts/Asian Heritage Music Festival, Pacific Rim Jazz Festival-Production assistant. Michael Paulo-Dolphin Days. Working with: Brian Culbertson, Euge Groove, David Benoit, Jeff Kashiwa, James Ingram, Jessy J, Mindy Abair, Sheila E, Boney James, Bobby Caldwell, David Sanborn, Jimmy Borges, Jonathan Butler, Richard Elliot, Paul Taylor, Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, Steve Cole, Gail Jhonson, Tomoka, Grace Kelly, Brian Simpson, Rick Braun, Pauline Wilson, Rene Paulo, Michael Ruff, Kanzaki, Freddie Washington, Jeffrey Osbourne, Peter White, Marion Meadows, Michael Lington, Gregg Karukas, Keiko Matsui, Norman Brown, Paul Brown, Gerald Albright, Wakana Inamura, Shimako Sarumaru.

-Kika Inc.-stage manager for entertainment/occasional booking coordinator.


-Na Kane Men of Paradise-wardrobe and show/stage coordinator, promotions.

-Henry Kapono Enterprises-Personal assistant/office admin and road assistant manager. Some promotion & event coordination. Office manager Browntown Records: Piece A Cake, Tropical Dream- album concept and liner notes.

- Kalapana/On the Beach Productions-Publicist/Promotions for Kalapana for 25th reunion concert, Lava Rock and Hurricane albums and road tours. Assisted in Japan tour and Pony Canyon album deal, Best of Kalapana 2 album. Promotions for local entertainners. Some wardrobe coordination. e.g. Olomana, Brother Noland, Israel Kamakawiwoole, Maurice Bega, Mike Kaawa, Zanuck Lindsey, Del Beasley.

-Universal Pacific Communications-Pacific Music Festival. Yearly music concert featuring International performers from Asia, US and local performers. E.g. Takanaka, Michael McDonald, Glenn Medeiros, Hiroshima, Yoshiyuki Ohsawa, Gontiti, George Benson, Dave Valentin, Sadao Watanabe. Also, production assistant/tour coordinator, print and filming for local performers with companies in Japan. Entertainment column writer for Aloha Express Magazine a CBS Sony publication. JVC Victor Records karaoke project for 95 musicians/7 studios on 3 islands to record 100 minus-one and vocal tape for karaoke system distribution. Co-coordinator of song contest at Nagoya Hard Rock Café for the formation of Coconut Musume (sister group of Morning Musume), Tsunku. Assistant tour coordination for Japan tour for Peter Moon Band, Brothers Cazimero, Makaha Sons, Don Ho, Kalapana, Sonny Lim Halau.

-Aloha Records-Production Coordinator/Director. Tour/performances for Japan. Pacific Paradise Collection Japan-coordinator, album art and liner notes. Hawaiian Treasures Collection distributed in Japan by BMI Records; Some artists: Peter Moon Band, Chucky Boy Chock, Steve and Teresa, Kaeo, Tony Conjugacion, Makaha Sons, Cyril Pahinui, Kiyotaka Sugiyama, Gontiti, Nohelani Cypriano, Sonny Kamahele Jr. (Beautiful Hawaii), Barney Isaacs (E Mau).

-MGC Records/Waltlen Distributors-Promotions for 35 artists and bands. Open auditions booking agent at the Pier Bar for performance contract. e.g. Ten Feet, Darryl Castillo.

-Akahi Music Productions-assistant promotions and concert/performance production. David Asing. Coordinated open mic program for new musical artists.

-Motor City Angels-Promotions/office/tour assitant coordinator. Wardrobe. Pauline Wilson promotions.

-Honolulu Advertiser/Year of the Hawaiian book-Entertainment article writer.

-KIKI/I-94 Island Music Billboard (weekly, free on-air entertainent guide) on Ron Wiley’s show in association with guest DJ appearances by local entertainers. e.g. Azure McCall, Ernie Cruz Jr., Brother Noland.

-McKinley Theatre Group – member, stage manager, wardrobe, dancer, assistant to the director.

-Also worked with- Lopaka Rootz, Castaways Hawaii, Kamuela Kahoano, Funk Vision Band, Vene Marie, Toma Natto, Kapaoa, Chant, Flyin Hawaiian,  Anita Hall, Michael Grande, Dave Tucciarone, Brew Moon comedy–Andy Bumatai, Augie T, Lanai, Kaleo Pilanca, Trappers Jazz Club-Ernie Watts, Joe Sample, Harold Payne, Randy Bauske, Milan Bertosa, Hawaii Youth Symphony, Hapa, Shawn Ishimoto, Bruce Hamada, Sista Robi Kahakalau, Jason Scott Lee, Celebration of the Arts, Duck Pond Productions, University of Hawaii, University of Minnesota, Tihati Productions.

-Fine Artists: Hye Young, Kaimana Gallery, Bamboo Gallery, Art and Flea. Dancers: Lisa Yee, Celia Chun, Marie Takazawa. Choreographers: Missy Cochran, Shawn Dean.

Andree Fallas - Services of a Promotions Publicist


How artists present themselves to the public and music industry key people is essential to being a success. How great or limited that success is, starts with knowing who you are and letting ‘the world’ know.

My services can lay an organized base whether starting out or coordinating future success. I have been working in the music industry here in Hawaii with Hawaiian, national and international artists for four decades.





Bio/profile Summary or Packets. Usually to attach to press releases, online pages, promotions packets and pitches.

Full page bio/profile of artist usually requires interview and research. Full bio/profile facilitates coverage for all distribution to media or key people. Some supplies may be required.


Press Releases – One-page description of media press release that describes content (e.g. album release, performance, award, special announcement) or item being advertised. Has information, meaning, history, contact and short bio distributed to print, radio, TV and online media key people. Distribution to remote area contacts may require additional research time. Some supplies may be required. Headshot photo suggested.

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