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The Kanaka Swing Band is a band that celebrates the era of hapa-haole music and melds Hawaiian traditional tunes with the upbeat and fun feelings of swing music. It is reminiscent of the carefree Hawaiian big band music era that is depicted in movies of the past and further instigated travel to the islands of paradise.


Kanaka Swing band keeps the cultural music tradition alive:

Hawaii’s history is that of taboos and restrictions on language, dance and music. When notable movie stars sang and danced in early travel and romance movies, they showed a way of enjoying life and learning how to perpetuate Hawaiian cultural values as part of the revitalization of the world after the tragedies of war.


Many tunes bring forth the stories of Hawaiian practices that enrich the lifestyle and customs of sharing with your ohana (family) and community the uniqueness and values of the culture especially for the young people to discover and enjoy in their own way.


Music is what perpetuates the mixing of different cultures, stimulates creativity, inspires us and sets the mood and direction of our deepest and truest feelings. Hawaiian Swing music always brings a smile and appreciation for the rhythms that make you sway like the palm trees. It celebrates, commemorates and is true happiness in action.


The richness of the culture has a lot to do with the history of the music. Hawaiian melodies are magic and speak to the spirit within us. Respecting the identity of the people, educating the younger generations with songs and rhythms of the Hawaiian swing era is Kanaka Swing Band’s quest to perpetuate this movement.


Kanaka Swing Band is:


Jesse Kimo Snyder – Big Island musician, vocalist, arranger and Na Hoku Hanohano recipient. He plays the tenor and baritone saxophones, clarinet, drums and percussion. Jesse has enjoyed and appreciated the Hawaiian culture and music lifestyle for 15 years.


Tani Waipa – Lead vocalist and ukulele player raised in the rich culture of the big island. She comes from a music-oriented ohana and is the joyful and spirited inspiration on all things Hawaiian.


Duane Yamada - Hawaiian ukulele bass player. He always has a smile on his face and in his heart.

Dwight Tokumoto – Steel guitarist. Guru of the twang that perpetuates the fun and values of the band.

Brandon Nakano - guitarist and vocalist. He is always optimistic and collaborative.

and a Vibrant Horn Section and Exuberant Drummer!

Contact and bookings: Andree Fallas –

Information website:

Visit and like: Kanaka Swing Band on Facebook and Instagram

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